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Frequently asked questions

What kind of memory card can i use

You can use micro SD or TF Memory card with storage capacity between 8 GB and up to 128 GB. The Memory card should be Format to FAT32.

I recieved damaged product. What should i do?

Do not hesitate to contact us

Is the product user friendly

Yes! Please follow the instructions by reading the comprehansive manual or using our visual videos that shows step by step how to operate the Mini Camera. It's easy and very friendly.

Should i remove the protection films attached to the camera?

Yes, please remove them. we placed them to ensure you will recieve the camera in the best condition.

The Camera is turning off imediatley

There are few reasons why this can happen: 1. verify the Micro SD/TF card is inserted inside the camera (Card is not included). 2. Verify the Camera was charged and the battery is not Empty. 3. Verify you pressed the button for not less the 2-3 seconds (the red light should flash slowly). 4. Try different Micro SD card, in many ocations the Card is damaged and may not operate. If it's still not workingm please contact us, and we'll be happy to support.

Can i use portable charging unit to extand the recording time?

Yes you can. for your convenient, The package arrives with long USB cable so you have much more flexibility in placing the camera while charging it.

In which cases i am not covered by the Warranty ?

*Operating the devices not according to instructions *Purchases made over 12 months ago *Issues that are Non quality-related (after 30 days of purchase) *Purchases from unauthorized resellers

Does it has Audio?

Yes, it has a great audio quality.

I plugged it in my computer and it’s not working. Why?

Please verify the following things:

  1. The micro SD memory card was inserted correctly.
  2. If the camera is close, please click the power button.
  3. If you are using Widows operating system, it should pop up automatically. But in both cases (Using Windows or MAC), you will see it as an external source in your computer.
  4. In some cases, if the USB port in your computer is not clean, it can cause that. Please try other USB port in your computer.
You can also get more information using our video guides, under the Guids tab.

Can I watch live?

No. You are not using any App for the camera. To maximize the privacy of the users, the videos you recorded can be seen when connecting the camera to your computer.

What is the Battery life?

Without charging, when battery is full, you can record for ~ 80 Minutes. When you record while charging, it will record in a loop 24/7 and overwrite old data.

What is the video recording length?

when using Micro SD memory card of 128 GB , the video length is above 15 hours. We strongly recommend to use the motion detection mode to maximize the recording time in your camera

I noticed that the Video and the Audio are not synchronized. Why?

In some cases the Synchronization depands on the Micro memory card (Needs to be up to 128 GB and formated to FAT32). In most of the cases it is due to the Media player. Please change the Media player (For example, install VLC (free) Media Player), and add the video files to the player - it should solve the problem.